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Charter Purpose


05 Command exists to facilitate three primary jobs for wiki staff. These are:
05 Commandは、wikiスタッフの3つの主要任務を円滑に行うために存在します。

  1. Site Discipline: Warning, tempbans, permabans
  2. Site Maintenance: Deletions and projects
  3. Policy Discussion: New rules and promotions
  1. サイトの規律: 警告, 一時的BAN, 永久BAN
  2. サイトの保守管理: 削除とプロジェクト
  3. 政策議論: 新たな規則と新規スタッフ任用

The following charter addresses protocol for these three jobs.

Charter Review


Optionally, once per year, the charter itself will be put up for review to ensure that this document remains relevant and useful to the site. At this time, by the will of a clear majority of staff (as defined by the charter's definition of majority at the time of the review), the charter can be changed and altered more easily and fluidly to help it come more into line with the current culture of the site.
年に一回、任意で憲章自体が見直しのために取り上げられ、この文書がサイトに関連し、有用であることが保証されます。現時点では、明確な過半数の意志によって(見直し時に過半数の合意に達した憲章の定義が再定義されるように)、現在のサイトの文化に一致するように、憲章はより簡単かつ流動的に変更・改正されます 。

This process is started by administration at the beginning of July (though this may be delayed for up to two weeks to avoid overwhelming O5 if a current, serious discussion is taking place), and it will last until a majority of staff agree on the current text of the charter or to forgo the process until the following year.

Individual portions of the charter should be voted on during this time. New portions can be added to the charter, but they should probably have their own discussions, as this process would be more to correct problems with existing policies rather than create new ones.

Once discussion is complete, a designated administrator will update the charter as needed.

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